Energy Crisis Isn’t Just About Oil, Uranium Shortage Leaves 3 Decades Of Nuclear Fuel

“Let’s all build a whole lot of nuclear plants,” we are constantly being told, “so that when we run out of oil, we’ll still have electricity made from nuclear power!” But apparently there’s just one major thing wrong with that fantasy scenario.  (which I believed in until recently) herunterladen. According to a report from the Clean Energy Research Center at the University of Florida, we are probably going to run out of uranium even before we run out of oil lg smartphone bilder herunterladen.

A recent article in the Deccan Chronicle entitled “Uranium reserves to be over by 2050,” stated that we’re rapidly running out of uranium as well as oil omsi 2 herunterladen. “Energy experts warn that an acute shortage of uranium is going to hit the nuclear energy industry. Dr Yogi Goswami, co-director of the Clean Energy Research Centre at the University of Florida warns that ‘the proven reserves of uranium will last less than 30 years download pictures instagram. Current nuclear plants consume around 67,000 tons of high-grade uranium per year. With present uranium deposits in the planet having been estimated at 4-5 million tons, this means the present resources would last 42 years.’”

According to Dan Kinch of, however, this estimate seems overly optimistic psp spiele iso kostenlos downloaden. An article in the MIT Technology Review has stated that there is now a mismatch between uranium supply and its usage of some 25,000 tons a year, and that this shortage has only been compensated for by reprocessing weapons and re-enriching uranium herunterladen. “Michael Dittmar, from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, predicted that real shortages could hit the industry by 2013.”