Google Didn’t Steal the Android Logo From Gauntlet, Rather from CGHub

Lots of sites are claiming Google Stole the Android Logo from "Gauntlet III".  While the two look fairly similar, it’s more likely that someone in the art department saw the logo and "borrowed" from it warum kann ich netflix app nicht downloaden.



CGHub’s logo is a bit more buff, and is missing the antennae but it is a very near match to the little green robot that Google chose to be the logo for Android phones.   Personally I think the Android logo looks like what South Park would have drawn a Canadian robot ps4 version 7 herunterladen nicht möglich.

CGHub had it’s logo about 18 months before Google had theirs.  So it’s not unreasonable to think that they inadvertently copied it.  It’s also possible that Google took the Atari game Android and did a hybrid with the CGHub Logo…   In any event.  It’s unlikely that anyone is going to do anything about it herunterladen.