Effective SEO For Bloggers: Ranking In Search In A Post Google Instant World

If you blog for the love of it.  Or because you want to share your status with your friends, and mother, you don’t need this guide.  If on the other hand you want to make money, achieve fame, or spread your message to the far ends of the galaxy, read on windows 7 professional deutsch kostenlos vollversion.

The single most important thing in getting search traffic is your title.  It needs to attract the a person searching, and contain all of the words they would use to find that term.  It also needs to match the words from several other ways people might be searching for your post cisco webex meetings herunterladen.

When you sit down to write a post, think to yourself if I wanted to find what this post answers what would I Google.  Then go type that in to Google.  See what the Google Suggestions are for that post, and try to include that search suggestion word for word in your post.  Do the same thing about 6 times with other ways you might search for your post, and try to work in as many of the words from those searches as possible.]

Google puts a lot of emphasis on exact matches of search phrases, and you can’t rank for a phrase you don’t have all of the words of that phrase in your post at least once.   So don’t be stingy in the number of keywords and supporting words you include in your post adobe reader dc kostenloser download.

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Repeat the Most Important word 3 times atleast.  SEO is about letting the Bots know what your content is about, and the words that have the highest number of repeats will be the words the bots think you have tried to SEO for herunterladen. If you need help with your SEO contact someone from SEO Advantage to help you. Google also weighs your click through rate pretty heavily, so if you have the most perfect page about a topic, but you chose the world’s worst title, you might rank initially but you won’t keep that ranking for very long fortnite for free german.

Ignore what people say about backlinks.   Backlinks are basically dead.  Once you have your post made go to Google.com/addurl and submit your post.  No need for back links you will be indexed in a few hours, possibly minutes and if your content is good you will start to rank in search right away Download old games for free.

The only other really important thing for SEO’ing your blog.  Make sure your HTML is valid and your page loads quickly.  If bots can’t understand the HTML of your page you won’t get indexed, and if your page loads slow you can not only get a penalty from Google, but your users will be more likely to bounce zoom videobellen downloaden windows. Neither of which is good for SEO.