Improve Your Samsung Epic’s Battery Life, A Lot With A Very Simple Tweak

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I have a love hate relationship with my Samsung Epic.  The other day I update not only my blog from it, but actually tweaked the site’s code via SFTP.  How many phones do you write PHP on?  Yeah that’s power in your hand.  Unfortunately that Power comes from a battery, and 1500 mah doesn’t go as far as it used to kartenspiel spider solitaire kostenlos herunterladen kann.

The Samsung Epic has a beautiful display that uses AMOLED technology.  The neat thing about this display type is that when it is displaying dark colors it uses less power than when it displays bright colors.  As a result you can save a lot of battery life just by using a dark background. 

You can do other things that will work well too, I toggle Bluetooth and GPS on and off when I’m not using them, I set the brightness down quite a bit.  I basically never use WiFi.   I also carry the USB cable with me and when I’m at my desk I’m plugged in.  It is nice to always have a full charge even though I don’t have any major battery life issues map downloaden dropbox.