SEO Isn’t Dead The Rules Just Changed In A Google Instant

People have started the rumor that SEO is dead because of Google Instant.  These people are stupid, slow to learn and short sighted.

What Google Instant has done is cut off a lot of the “Long Tail” and clustered much more of search around suggestions.   Traffic to most the sites I manage SEO for has been pretty steady, a few are down 10-15% and some are up as much as 500% herunterladen.

This has happened based on the types of searches the sites tended towards. 

A few of the sites relied on slightly odd variations of searches to garner traffic for things that are what I would call "ESL" searches.   English as a second language searches are the searches for things which we don’t regularly say, but which someone with less than perfect English would say skype for windows 10. “how to cook apple pie” would be an example.  This is the type of search that is now almost extinct with the way Google has changed suggestions.  The "spelling and grammar" check of Google Instant’s suggestions weed these results out icloud herunterladen.

Other sites that ranked for non-sexual topics that contained parts of words that could be sexual have seen drastic drops in traffic on those words to the tune of 25-40%.  Any search that starts with "NUD" has basically been eliminated.  The same for “anal” which starts such high traffic searches as “analogy” operating system for free.

On the opposite end of the spectrum some of the previously rarely searched 5 and six word phrases are now bubbling to the top of the suggestions creating huge increases for content that contains some impossibly long phrases that were easy to rank for wetransfer allesen.

Overall the ways instant changes results hasn’t been seen yet for most sites. Google puts a heavy weighting on the Click Through Rate of content in search results.  As a result the redistribution of results on pages is likely going to change as people go from searching what they thought they were looking for and what Google has told them they think they should be searching for filme für kinder zum downloaden.

It may be that the site that was about “how to cook apple pie” was better for the person that was going to search for that instead of “how to bake for apple pie” and when that person arrives at a results page for “how to bake” they aren’t going to choose the result that the person with the stronger sense of English would whatsapp spion kostenlosen.

This change in the demographic of search results pages will be what really changes how SEO for Google Instant is done.  This means watching your impressions in search, not your traffic from search, then tweaking your copy, your results snippets, and your page descriptors.  Things that link building SEO “machines” and the kind of bottom feeder SEO’s that used to make a quick buck by buying 1000s of links to your site don’t understand. 

Brandon Wirtz is Founder of an SEO Consulting firm in Silicon Valley