Sitting at the Insurance Adjusters

I am sitting at the insurance adjusters which I hate.  Farmers insurance gave me a real run around on the phone.  Most days I was on hold for 45 minutes and then left voicemails which they never returned dvd cover downloaden.

Sitting and waiting for my adjustment it occurs to me that what they want is to just have me go to their shop and have them do the crappiest job possible.  Which if I only needed body work would be fine, but as my car mostly needs mechanical work not body or frame work hearts download. (My mini took all of the hit in the exhaust)

Listening to other insurance people on the phone I like the Geico guy the best.  Which is good because that’s the company I am with.  Unfortunately the other guy has Farmer’s visual studio c++ download for free.

The thing I find most irksome about insurance is that my premiums are as much a year as the damage claim I am making.  Insurance is really a protection against hitting a ferrari or maming a child.  Its not the $2500 you pay for an accident that bends your fender, but the ones that change a life. 

But most people don’t get the right ammount of coverage for that.  If you are at fault in an auto accident and the other guy had his arm amputated, you could be on the hook for his salary for life.  I only have $200k worth of liabilty insurance.  If I hit my evil twin that amount wouldn’t cover very many years of disability payments foto downloaden macbook.

The farmer’s local adjuster was a nice guy and cut a check in 40 minutes so I am not unhappy.  Just think geico is better.