Car That Drives Itself Being Tested By Google

Google has been testing cars that drive themselves.  A natural extension of Google Maps is that rather than giving you direction, it gives the car directions, however, there are some downsides… imiji images. Mainly the large camera mounted on the roof, in the center of the dash, and around the car.   These additions make your car taller, less fuel efficient and probably double the price of the car weihnachtliches briefpapier zum herunterladen.Car That Drives Itself Being Tested By Google

I’ve seen the Google test car driving itself on I-280 and Highway 1 on my commute to and from San Francisco.  It is an intriguing possibility.  The ability to sit there with my laptop and work while "driving" is intriguing.  The commercial viability may not be there however.  The liability of when a product screws up compared to when a human screws up means that the safety factor would likely have to be 100 fold better with the computer in order for the liability to be low enough that a company could risk that a car would squash a kid, or a biker who ran a red light free CV.

Cars that drive themselves also gets interesting when you consider Google’s directions still occasionally try and send me the wrong way down one way streets, or incite me to make left turns during hours when left turns are not legal in San Francisco.  As an accident avoidance system I think they could be an amazing benefit.  Surely a car that drives itself would also make an excellent co-pilot, warning of red lights, stop signs, and pedestrians who might be missed by the driver herunterladen.

Google has been testing with Honda Prius, and Audit TT’s.  The team of 15 engineers supposedly has spent $10m on the project already and Google currently has no plans to productize or monetize the project.  Google has been working on several Eco and Societal Need projects.  Google says that many of the 37,000 people who die each year in auto accidents could be saved free ringtone iphone.