Microsoft Looks To Exit The In Game Advertising Business

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Microsoft is apparently shopping for someone to buy Massive, its in game advertising company.  Massive had been doing well until recently when EA brought it’s ad sales in house. 

Massive’s biggest failing has been that it was never integrated with Xbox. 

Massive could have been the Adsense for gaming, and the foot hold in to advertising in apps in a user acceptable way.  Massive didn’t advertise so much as it did product placement in games.  This is a lot less intrusive than the stupid iAds ads at the bottom of the screen, and as a bonus, you can put them in purchased games, not just in the free trials. 

Players expect when playing a Football or racing game to see sponsors on the walls and billboards in the game.  Massive allowed games to have these be dynamic ads which were paid for by some pretty big brands, for pretty reasonable pricing wdr mediathek videos herunterladen.

If rumors are to be believed you can own massive for about a Million dollars, which seems like an extraordinary deal.   I’d consider picking it up if I thought that I could get the missing Xbox integration in place adobe camera raw gratisen.