Next New Networks ( ) Comparison Of Webisodes To TV Is Stupid

Next New Newtorks ( released a really stupid comparison between TV and Webisodes.  They of course are releasing stats that paint their offering in a good light, but the things they talk about are basically worthless to advertisers, and in most cases obvious to anyone who has used a computer virusen und verschicken.


  • Viewers are 2.5 times more likely to be fully engaged with online video than viewers who watch traditional television rechtenvrije foto'sen.
  • Viewers of web original content are spending 13% less time with traditional television.
  • 60% of online video viewers watch web original content on a weekly basis wolfenstein 3den.
  • 4 out of 10 online video viewers share the videos with others.


How do they measure 2.5x? I’m guessing the 40% of TV that is watched by those under age 12, who are likely playing with legos or polly pocket are driving much of that number… stickmotive for.

It’s a nice sound byte stat for presentations, but really… Here are my almost based on truth stats that are more verifiable, but so absurd that you would never use them…

  • TV Viewers are 99.995% less likely to leave written feedback about what they watched ps3 spiele herunterladen und installieren.
  • TV Viewers Average 3 times the distance in feet from the content.
  • TV Viewers are 180% more likely to not be in front of the TV while ads are playing herunterladen.
  • TV Viewers are 3x as likely to be making out on the couch while watching content.
  • TV Viewers are 7x as likely to be a pet rather than a human youtube downloader mp3 gratis downloaden.
  • TV Viewers at 12x more likely to be watching from a penitentiary.
  • TV Viewers are 20x More likely to skip the ads accompanying the content weihnachtsmusik zumen kostenlos.
  • Web viewers are 6x more likely to watch back episodes than TV Viewers.
  • Web Viewers are 1000x more likely to forward a link to watch the content than TV Viewers
  • Web Viewers are 1 Million times more likely to embed episodes on their blog than TV Viewers

The Point is Comparing TV and Online Video is still like comparing M&Ms and Oxycodone badplaner herunterladen. They both melt in your mouth but that’s about where the similarities end.

TV reaches Millions in an hour, Webisodes reach 100s of Thousands in Months adobe connect kostenlos herunterladen chip.

TV is tracked by Neilsons and Comscore, and while the stats are not perfect, no one in Belize, Botswana, or Eastern Elbonia was counted in those numbers. Youtube stats are far from accurate, and large parts of Australia still count as part of North Carolina.

Going to advertisers and saying “this is why webisodes are better than TV” is stupid. Going to advertisers and saying “this is why webisodes is different than TV” is good. Jack-Hammers (TV) are great, and if you want to move a mountain they come in handy, but when you want to herd cats a ball of string (Web) is better.