No Mr. Siegler Optical Media Was Already Dead: Apple Was Framed In The Killing Of CD

Tech Crunch’s MG Siegler is claiming the new Mac Book Killed CD Media.  Apparently Mr herunterladen. Siegler doesn’t remember the cardinal rule of Apple.  Invent nothing take credit for everything.  Apple didn’t invent the Portable Audio Player, the Tablet,or the Optical Drive-Less Computer.  I have been using a computers with out Optical Drives for years herunterladen.

Most of those didn’t even have a Thumb Drive restore. How quaint to put the restore on a little square that can be so easily lost.  As opposed to giving you enough storage that giving up .5% of it for a restore partition is a big deal youtube musik auf ipaden.

When you get your MacBook Air and you open the box, you will find exactly zero optical discs inside. Normally, Apple includes at least one back-up DVD to reinstall OS X and other software if your computer fails herunterladen. But now, that has been replaced with a super-slim USB stick. This stick, packed in with your manual, is all you need to reinstall your system now.

Great, but you know what, I have had that with HP Netbooks, Toshiba Micro Laptops, and even some of the desktops purchased for the school my dad works at, which don’t have optical drives either adobe flash player apple kostenlosen.

Even the 30 day standby is a joke.  I have a Toshiba Libretto which has no optical drive, and sits in standby all the time and I come back every 6 months or so to use it when I have a guest or want to check a web site from a slower Processor herunterladen.

Toshiba who doesn’t make PC I’m writing this on, has beaten Apple to the punch with every product Apple has made a success of.  In fact I would say that if you want to know what Apple will be doing in a year, check what innovative things Toshiba is doing now die sims 4 haare downloaden.Apple Didn't Kill the Optical Drive The Toshiba U100 was there first

The 11 inch Air is an interesting computer, and if it had a right click on the track pad I might even consider it for a Windows 7 install.  But the idea that it brings anything revolutionary to the table is limited to the better than average resolution that Apple tends to have on its Laptops, which is totally negated by the wonky color space that each model of Apple displays have. 

If Apple had been really innovative, which they never are, they’d have had a small amount of space set aside for a micro-OS that included enough WiFi driver to get an install from the cloud so you could do a restore from the “Air” and the “Cloud”.   Anything short of this is playing catch up herunterladen.