How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website With Data URI CSS

Reducing page load time on your site is good for SEO.  Speeding Up WordPress will not only help you with SEO, but it will also increase your click through rate, and your affiliate sell through rate.  In most cases faster websites also see users visit more pages herunterladen. All of these are very good reasons to speed up your WordPress Website.

Virtually every WordPress Theme on the planet is slower than it needs to be, because it uses Images instead of Data Uri’s.  Basically what happens is your browser hits your server, downloads the HTML which says download this CSS file which Says download these Images.  The problem is that Apache isn’t blazing fast so your browser asks for the HTML that takes 500ms, then it asks for the CSS that Takes 500 ms, and then it asks for all the images in the CSS and that takes at least 500 ms if there are only 7  of them and if you have 8, well then it will take two rounds of 500 ms because you only get 8 download threads at a time vera.

By putting all your images in the CSS as Data URI’s you speed up this process because instead of downloading 16 small files which would take 1.5 seconds plus the time to download the CSS so 2 seconds, you instead put all those files in the CSS and the user gets a faster page speed spotify herunterladen tv.

I couldn’t find a tool that did this, so I built one. "CSS Optimizer" at will take your CSS, suck down all of the images it contains and build you a new CSS which will be faster.  If you are running Linux Apache MySql and WordPress, this will pretty much guarantee that your page is a full second faster.  If you have more than 20 images look for 2 seconds of decrease in load time google bücher downloaden kostenlos.Speed Up WordPress Websites With Data URI CSS

If you want to really see your site scream put the Data Urized version for the CSS on a CDN and instead of taking 500ms to serve you may see 100ms times shaving another half second off of your load time herunterladen.

The only downside to this method is that your site will no longer be compatible with IE7 which is mostly dead anyway so you probably won’t care.  You can do things to detect IE7 and serve your WordPress patrons that version, but likely you don’t care that much radio music download for free legal.

This trick is not limited to WordPress you can use it with any CSS file for any website, so you can see performance improvements on MovableType, Joomla, and more iphone karten downloaden.

When you are done you can check your WaterFall With Pingdom or Ocagate.