What Won’t You Do With Gigabit Internet?

The BBC asks “What would you do with Gigabit Internet?” but really Gigabit Internet doesn’t offer anything a normal consumer needs that isn’t met by 100Mbps Internet.  The BBC sites things like, “download every James bond movie in the time it takes to boil water”, great, but why would you need to download wo bücher kostenlosen? with that much Internet, you can just stream the video.   They talk about Blu-ray requiring 40Mbps to stream full HD, but that is based on early versions of the H.264 and VC-1 Codecs, these days you can get 1080p 24 into 12 Mbps that looks better than the 40 Mbps from when the Blu-ray standard was set.  3D 1080p doesn’t actually require twice the data rate to have 1080p in both eyes,(not that any TV has little enough cross talk that you could actually see 1080p per eye at this point) skip bo.

So what would you do with Gigabit Internet in your home?  Consider not having a data Center? Maybe, but only if the uptime on the cable was better than it is with Comcast, and the uptime on power was better than my PG&E (which has actually been much better this year than 2 years ago) instagram bilder downloaden app.

Gaming would benefit from lower latency assuming that this 1Gbps connection is direct to the back bone, and not set behind several layers of caching.  I say “if” because the only way Gig to the home is going to work is if there is a lot of caching.  You are reading this site through Google App Engine, so you might be able to suck this article down at 600 Mbps, but most of my servers are 100 Mbps ports at the Data Center, so I can’t support you downloading those pages at 1,000 Mbps.   Sites like XYHD.TV that serve images and Text via a CDN may be faster, but even on  a 100 Mbps connection this page loads in 1.2 seconds, do you really need it to load in .4?  Yes I said only 3x faster not 10x, because there are other factors, you have to look up the DNS Record, my server has to parse the page to serve you, those things all take time, so you will never get a page served in 120 Ms.  Not even Google served pages videos downloaden facebook app.

For large downloads, like Xbox Live Arcade Games, that are often several Gigabytes in size and you can’t stream them, speeds might be increased, but only up to the limits in your home and of the hardware.  Let’s just assume that Limelight who serves much of Xbox’s CDN traffic could serve you at Gigabit speeds, you need to have your Xbox connected to a Gigabit router in your home, (your 2wire router ain’t going to cut it) and it is going to have to be attached via a wire, not wirelessly.  Next you run in to the limit of the hard disk.  Xbox uses a Sata connection that is much faster than a USB harddisk would be but it is still limited to about 250 Mbps of throughput because it is really just a single notebook hard drive, not a raid array of 10,000 RPM drives app store für pc herunterladen.

For use on your laptop you are likely limited to Wireless N speeds, that top out at about 100Mbps per user.  With the right Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) wireless card you can get 350mbps theoretically, but you never achieve that in the wild mp4 player kostenlos herunterladen.

So in almost ever instance the only way to benefit from Gigabit to the home is to have a family of 12.  So unless you are living in a commune, it is unlikely that you can use all of that speed anyway.  Moore’s Law just isn’t keeping up with the internet, and that is mildly unfortunate, but it was to be expected aidf datei herunterladen.