XYHD.tv Drops Below 1 Second Load Time

The slowest thing on my website is now Google.  I have been working with Jake on ways we can speed up websites, and I’m currently kicking his …  pretty badly.  He used to have the advantage with Movable type his pages were fast, but since I moved to the BlackWaterOps.com instant CDN solution, he just can’t touch me dalli klick kostenlos downloaden.

My whole page loads faster than he can serve the HTML of his page.  

I know he will read this and take up the challenge, but 650ms for the whole page Jake, let’s see you come close herunterladen.

Jake is doing some cloud testing and has a great article coming out so, check JakeLudington.com for that in the next few days to read about Amazon and RackSpace cloud and CDN solutions.  Or Check out BlackWater’s Solution which works well for WordPress and just about any site download acrobat reader kostenlos.

Oh, and look for a new version of my Instant CDN solution in the next month, we have big things planned to make sites not only faster, more secure lightshot kostenlosen.