Why Ultra-Defragger May Slow Down Your System

A lot of people install Ultra-Defragger thinking it will do a better job than the regular Windows Defrag Utility that comes for free with every version of Windows.  There was a time when Norton’s Defragment tool was the only disk optimizer available and it would make a huge difference in the performance of your system, but today Microsoft’s defrag is not only the best of the bunch but because it is aware of what some of the other Microsoft Tools are doing it is the only one that is likely to make your disk faster, rather than slower weihnachtsmusik zumen kostenlos.

Ultra-defragger optimizes all of your files by placing them at the beginning of the drive, true in the old days the beginning of the drive used to be 30% faster than the end of the drive, but now there is less than 5% difference in read speed between the beginning and end of the drive badplaner herunterladen.

In many cases Ultra-defragger will make systems slower because it isn’t aware of which files will be read at startup.  The Windows “Prefetch” service puts all of the files required for startup in a adjacent blocks on the hard disk.  No matter if this is at the front or the back of the drive this is much faster than having the files scattered about the hard disk.  Sequential reading is more important than where on the hard disk the files are adobe connect kostenlos herunterladen chip.Why Ultra-Defragger May Slow Down Your System

Windows Defragger is also very safe to run.  I don’t know that Ultra-defragger isn’t but it is not a commercial product with tech support or anyone testing 1000s of hard disk types and installs to make sure it doesn’t ever break anything herunterladen.

Lastly don’t run Ultra-defragger, (or any defragger) if you have an SSD Drive.  You don’t need to. SSD drives have no benefit to having files being contiguous, and all you are doing by defragging is burning through the write count on the sectors of the drive.  SSD drives aren’t infinite re-write, and running defrag every night can cause significant shortening of their life herunterladen.