Angry Birds Coming To Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii; Angry Birds 2 in the Works

What game is more popular than Call Of Duty:Black Ops? Angry Birds has been downloaded 36Million Times.  Casual gamers on iPhone and Android have installed app to the point it has 80% penetration on devices in the US.  Making the game more universally installed than Google Maps microsoft access herunterladen.

That level of success is bringing the title to a place where even more games are played, the living room.  In what shouldn’t be shocking news the hit game was announced by Peter Vesterbacka CEO, to becoming to the casual game market place on Xbox 360 / Xbox Live, PS3, and Wii.  The game may also hit retail shelves, but likely will stay Downloadable Content for its initial launch komplette homepageen.

Angry Birds is a pick up an play game which is part of its success.  Simple to learn, hard to master, with no puzzle being so difficult you can’t get through it with enough playing of random techniques.  Angry Birds Coming To Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii; Angry Birds 2 in the Works

Angry Birds 2 which is definitely in the works will not be a Catapult game.  In the sequel the Pigs play a bigger role, and rather than just sitting there doing nothing, the pigs will be “a lot more active than just being slingshotted at by birds.”

While I suspect Angry Birds will do well on Xbox I don’t expect it to be the Block Buster it has been on mobile.  Angry Birds is made more fun by the touch aspect of the game, which will be lost with the controller.  Also the game doesn’t have the depth that Xbox fans are used to.  In order for a game to really be a block buster on Xbox you need, Great game play, and either a multi-player element that is amazing, or a story that is amazing.  Angry Birds is missing this, and since most Xbox Users have either an iPhone, or an Android, this is just a port to a larger screen with a lousier interface komplette wikipedia downloaden.

No word yet on Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 which may come when the Xbox Live Arcade Version is released since you can write a game once for Xbox Live Arcade and deploy to both Xbox and Windows Phone 7 anki overdrive app herunterladen.