SMCWBR14s-n4 Inexpensive Alternative to WiFi Adapter for Xbox 360, Wii, and Samsung TVs

While the convenience of a USB Dongle for your Xbox 360, Tivo, Wii, or Samsung Internet Ready TV is nice, they tend to be really expensive.  Why is a WiFi adapter $90, when you can pick up a wireless dongle so many other places for $30?  Well UnityElectronics has the a $29 solution herunterladen.

The SMCWBR14s-n4 Wireless Bridge, Router, Access Point is an ideal alternative to the Xbox 360 or Samsung Wireless Dongle.  With one SMCWBR14S-N4 you can connect up to 4 devices to your wireless network.  This is great for a home theater where you likely want to connect your Bluray player, your TV, your Xbox 360, and your Wii to your network.  Even if you only have 1 device often you will get a much better connection to your network because SMCWBR14S-N4 has a higher output wireless amplifier than a USB dongle would have, and because the wired devices don’t have to connect to each other over wireless, if you store your media files on a NAS you can access them much more quickly with out slowing down the rest of your network origin spiel downloaden.SMCWBR14S-N4

There are almost no downsides to using this configuration herunterladen. It is a little more difficult to set up, because you have to configure the device for the first time using a PC, but the SMCWBR14s-n4 has a nice web interface so that only takes a few minutes, and because you only have to configure one device not 4 may actually be faster and easier than using the manufacturer’s dongle canon toolbox herunterladen.

Having a self powered device you put less load on the devices using the Ethernet port than you do the USB port.  Both in terms of CPU and power.  The XBox 360 is already a bit low on the power out to USB and a bit hot on the inside so avoiding extra load is a good thing, but on the Samsung TV I found that the USB ports don’t even have enough power for some thumbsticks, and if you have a Network USB Dongle, attached the USB port may not power either the Dongle or the thumbstick if both are attached ps4 update 6.72 not possible.

Lastly, the SMCWBR14s-n4 supports WPA2 Enterprise encryption which not all electronics do.  So you may end up with a more secure network, if you are a parent you can also program when Internet access is available for what ports, so if it is ok to watch Hulu at midnight, but not play Call of Duty, you can use the SMCWBR14s-n4’s access controls to limit when kids are online programm um musik zu downloaden kostenlos.