How To Poach an Egg

Poaching an Egg is quite simple, more of the failures in poaching arise from having the pan be too hot, than any other reason.  To Poach an egg use a shallow frying pan partly filled with boiling water herunterladen. The eggs must be perfectly fresh. The white of an egg is held in a membrane which seems to lose its tenacity after the egg is three days old. Such an egg, when dropped into boiling water, spreads out; that is, it does not retain its shape Download cv for free. When ready to poach eggs, take the required number to the stove. The water must be boiling hot, but not actually bubbling. Break an egg into a saucer, slide it quickly into the water, and then another and another herunterladen. Pull the pan to the side of the stove, where the water cannot possibly boil. With a tablespoon, baste the water over the yolks of the eggs, if they happen to be exposed tetris zum downloaden kostenlos. They must be entirely covered with a thin veil of the white. Have ready the desired quantity of toast on a heated platter, lift each egg with a slice or skimmer, trim off the ragged edges and slide them at once on the toast kindle app kostenlos herunterladen. Dust with salt and pepper, baste with melted butter, and send to the table.