ATT Fighting For You? Or It’s Own Bottom Line

Dishnetwork had a recent spat with Fox which resulted in many of it’s customers missing the World Series, and now ATT and Scripps are having a similar fight.   Content is King, and Scripps is towards the Top of the heap in that regard.  Scripps owns Cooking Channel, Home and Garden Television, Food Network and the DIY Network, which aren’t huge destination channels, but they do get a lot of “surf landings” being what you watch when you don’t know what to watch hoe website.

Scripps AT&T claims that Scripps is asking for Double what other competitors pay for access to the channels. Scripps contends that ATT’s desire to use Scripps content on Network DVR, and other functions of the Uverse which is powered by Microsoft Media Room, justifies a higher price calibri schriftart herunterladen.

Uverse is easily one of the most feature rich platforms for watching TV.  Which is great for you the TV Viewer, but it changes the dynamic for content providers.  Much of Scripps content is not “appointment television” and much of it isn’t even “DVR worthy” you can simply tune in from time to time to watch it, as such Scripps which has strong over all appeal, but not high urgency doesn’t value all the functionality that ATT brings to the table htc apps herunterladen.

Premium Channels like Starz, Sho and HBO just want your monthly fee, but Scripps needs you to watch commercials, and all of that Uverse technology makes each viewer worth less to Scripps than the same viewer would be worth on a platform from a small town cable company where 80% of users don’t have time shifting capability sky go app mac herunterladen.

Is any of this fair? It’s hard to say.  Much like when Akimbo first hit the market and studios didn’t have IP Distribution Rights, the advancement of media consumption is moving faster than studios can figure out how much each technology should be worth, and how much granting use on that technology will hurt the sales on other technologies kleiderkreisel zum herunterladen.

Let’s say a provider offers the ability to watch content on your mobile phone in addition to at home.  That is great for the user, but is an advertisement that runs in that program worth as much as one presented to your family of 4 when you are sitting on the couch watching on a 50 inch LCD app store ios herunterladen? Not likely.  This means that Scripps needs to charge ATT more for that user’s access than they do for the Home TV access.  Scripps that has a lot of “call now” type advertisements for kitchen wares also loses money on Time Shifted content.  Companies that sell Ceramic Knives and Infrared Cookers staff their hotlines based on when ads run, and if those ads are time shifted by a few hours it changes their staffing requirements, and reduces the value of those ads herunterladen.

ATT may or may not be fighting for you, definitely you want to pay less for TV, but it’s also possible that Scripps really can’t afford to give ATT such broad usage rights for its content razer synapse 3 herunterladen.