Google Isn’t Too Big To Innovate, It’s Too Snobby

It’s not its size that as the New York Times reports is keeping Google from innovating, nor Facebook stealing employees, it’s culture minecraft download kostenlos deutsch vollversion für android. Google is not a diverse ecosystem of employees.  Google puts a huge weight on where you went to school, what degree you got, and then when it hires you it trains you to work and think a specific way.  Google is more IBM of the 80’s than Microsoft ever was hoe kan ik spider solitaire.

This isn’t the rant of someone disgruntled they don’t work at Google.  I work with a lot of great people at Google on a regular basis, and I enjoy having lunch on campus from time to time, but Google is a monoculture.  At Microsoft the team I worked with ranged from people like me who were college drop outs, to people with Comp Sci degrees to people with art degrees, to people who had just certs in IT gespeicherte videos facebook downloaden.

This mixture of people creates internal dialog, and even the occasional internal conflict.  That is good.  Apple is still small, nimble and has really strong leaders who dictate the way products are built, and that works for them.  Microsoft is a bit more of a Democracy occasionally a Constitutional Monarchy, but never a dictatorship qr code reader kostenlos herunterladen.

Google talks about the 30% of your time you can spend on what ever you want, but the rest of the time you are a soldier in an army.  You solve the specific problem assigned to you, and you march to the drum.  The structure is rigid, and the hierarchy is set.  This is why Google fails so miserably at all things social lustige whatsapp videos zum herunterladen.

Facebook on the other hand is a party compared to Microsoft or Google.  People that I know there get excited about meetings.  Excited.  They say things like, “I’m really anxious about this feature meeting tomorrow, we are working on…”   I had days like those at Microsoft, but they weren’t everyday and many of my days I was in the minority.  That’s not the case at Facebook.  Even my friends at Apple seem much happier than my friends at Google whatsapp herunterladen handy.

When Google get’s great people, they starve.  Not for lack of free food, but for lack of social interaction.  More than one of my “friends” at Google said they didn’t know what they would do with 1,000 Facebook friends, they only have a dozen people they’d want to check in on.  Even with my anti-social tendencies, I’m not that bad.  Those with a strong social initiative at Google lose it in a sea of Google campus amenities designed to limit your exposure to the outside world.  Long hours, shuttle busses, free food, and a cafeteria that is still open at 6pm chokes off the ability to connect with people who don’t work at the company.  Slowly you are assimilated christliche lieder zum downloaden kostenlos.

Silicon Valley offers way too many opportunities and way too many choices of places to work for the best thing about your job to be, free lunch and that a bus comes to cut your hair twice a month.  If Google wants to innovate it needs to hire some normal people with passion, rather than just geniuses that build products that the rest of the world doesn’t get herunterladen.