Kontera Violates Google’s TOS with Paid Links

Today I received an email that put the fear of GOOG in me.  Kontera which I use on a number of my sites sent me a Paid Link Request.

There are a few things that can get you delisted from Google, and one of the ones that is most frowned upon is selling link juice.  Matt Cutts has come out several times and told us why Conductor.com and other Paid Links Services can get you delisted, and every so often Google purges all those pages samsung töne herunterladen.

Here is the letter from Kontera:

Dear Brandon,
As a valued Kontera publisher, you already know how Kontera is the only In-Text network with next generation technology that provides the most relevant, high CPC advertising for your content congstar apn herunterladen.
Well now we’d like your readers to know us too!
In exchange for sharing a link to Kontera on your site, we’ll add an extra 5% revenue share to your monthly publisher earnings netflix to pc. You’ll continue to receive that extra 5% for as long as the link to Kontera is live on your site.
Here are the official directions:

  1. Link to http://www.kontera.com/ on your website, using one of the following anchor texts:
    1. "Earn with Kontera In-Text advertising"
    2. "Optimize your site with Kontera In-Text advertising"
    3. "For best results, join Kontera In-Text advertising"
    4. "Monetize your site with Kontera In-Text advertising"
    5. "Use Kontera In-Text advertising"
  2. E-mail us at online@kontera.com lieder von youtube legal und kostenlos herunterladen. Once we can double check your link, we’ll add the 5% revenue share to your publisher account. Your earnings will start increasing immediately!

If you’re adding the link directly to the HTML, Here’s an example of what it should look like:

Optimize your site with Kontera <a href="http://www.kontera.com" title="In-Text Advertising by Kontera" >In-Text advertising </a>

Please let us know if you need any additional help setting up your link, and we’ll happily assist you amazon software herunterladen.

Jonathan Cohen
Community Manager

If you want to read Matt’s Stance on paid links… beautiful Christmas cards to download.

But the really short version:

As the head of Google’s webspam team, I would just like to point out that paid links that pass PageRank are absolutely a violation of Google’s quality guidelines, and we do take action on those violations app aus microsoft store herunterladen. You can read more about our official policy on paid links here: –Matt Cutts

Kontera has always been hit or miss, I have had months when they added $10 CPM to my pages, and months when they added $.50 CPM that took $5 CPM from my Adsense earnings, so I have always had a tenuous relationship with them, but for me this pushes them over the edge.  I just don’t work with advertisers that could get me delisted.  There is no amount of reward to justify the risk you can music from youtube. (ok for 6x my annual I might be bought, but no one will pay that).  Certainly for a 5% bump in an already variable earnings, no way.

Atleast Kontera makes it easy for Google to track down who took the paid links by having everyone use the same HTML Code sims 3 houses for free. I’m sure the WebSpam Team appreciates that.