MSFT IPTV To Dump ATT To Go OTT: Microsoft Going “Over The Top” With New Service? How About Google? Cisco?

In 2007 I helped with the Bill Gates CES keynote presentation of Microsoft’s IPTV platform for Xbox 360.  Coming up on 4 years later this platform still hasn’t actually been released, but it may have gotten a new life as part of Microsoft’s new Over The Top Service mp3 titel kostenlos downloaden.

Microsoft Media Room that powers the AT&T U-Verse platform is meant for walled garden networks.  It uses multicast to enable efficient delivery of content over IP.  Microsoft’s Zune service on Xbox Live uses smooth streaming to offer on demand streaming content.  Both of these platforms hint at what is possible in IP delivered Video services, but both have limitations.  Not only technical limitations, but licensing ones as well youtube video with vlc.

Those limitations are going away as homes get faster and faster Internet, at least from a technology stand point, but from a licensing standpoint the content world may get really interesting really fast kaufvertrag auto downloaden.

My Samsung TV has Hulu Plus, and Netflix already built in, it is in effect a Set Top Box all on it’s own.  Sony and Logitech released Google TV products antivirus kostenlos herunterladen. Intel is pushing smart TV. Wii, PS3, and Xbox all have videos stores.  Then there is Roku, Boxee, and a few other Purpose built set top boxes. Apple has Apple TV.  The market is so crowded you’d think that would prove there is a market.  I’ve worked at more tech companies doing IPTV (check out this smart iptv app) than almost anyone in the valley, and at all of them the issue was never technology.  I’ve been doing Cable Video quality equivalent since I worked at Akimbo nearly 7 years ago videobearbeitungsprogramm kostenlosen. No, the nut to crack is not in the Valley, it’s in Hollywood.

The problem facing Microsoft, Google, and everyone else looking to go “Over The Top” (OTT) is that the people they have to steal market share from are the people who will be hauling the freight.  When Microsoft wants to do Xbox Live over Comcast, Comcast is torn between the extra Internet speed they can sell gamers on, and the lost time to TV watching that those gamers spend.  But when Microsoft want to do TV over Comcast, Comcast has no incentive.  Less TV watching, likely less TV package ordered, Higher bandwidth usage, and not as much incentive to buy 60 Mbps when the home only needs 4 to watch TV herunterladen.

That may sound like a technical problem, but it isn’t, it’s a Hollywood problem.  You see Comcast and other cable television companies are the money bags of Hollywood.  If you are a network, you may gamble on big budget movies, but your bread and butter is cable subscribers who pony up every month regardless of what you put on TV.  With cable companies holding the purse strings Hollywood has to tread lightly around doing deals with OTT providers.  Until an OTT has 4 million subs they don’t have the buying power to get the studios to risk upsetting the Cable providers wie audible hörbuch herunterladen.

While all of this dance happens, the Net Neutrality fight will take place in the background.  Google has the weight to force ISP’s to deliver it’s content smoothly, but does Microsoft? 

Microsoft has been working hard not just in Hollywood.  While Google has “Google in a box” shipping containers with Google point of presence solutions that they send to ISP’s to make Google services faster, Microsoft has been working on eliminating the need for Content Delivery Networks that are typically needed for smooth delivery of video content netflixen samsung tv.

As Microsoft’s Windows Media Server has evolved it’s smooth streaming technology has gotten smarter, but it can’t solve the problem of ISP’s being over subscribe.  Most ISPs assume that not everyone will use 100% of their Internet 100% of their time, and so they build neighborhoods based on usage patterns.  If users replace broadcast TV with streaming, American Idol Results could crash a whole neighborhood of users.  So Microsoft has been working on a better version of its Internet Accelerator Server (IAS) that helps manage caching, delivery, and streaming.  This could help enable not only Microsoft’s video platform, but all sorts of web media streaming, and make Microsoft relevant in the Telecom market against fable 3 kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch.

Which brings me to that Silicon Valley company that lurks in the closet.  The server closet. Cisco.  Cisco has all of the pieces to be an IPTV platform on both walled garden, and OTT networks, so that could offer to buy IPTV at any time.  But it has the least experience with Hollywood.  It also has the most experience with ISP’s.  This makes Cisco a likely partner for OTT products for small carriers.  Cisco could easily build a service that was easy to white label for all of the Mom and Pop ISP’s in Rural America audible gifted audiobook.

Where my sister lives in Reading, Mi. There isn’t a local cable company, and Internet comes to her house via Wireless.  Satellite is an option but it doesn’t offer on-demand, so if her ISP were to partner with a CISCO it could also be the local “cable company” a market that would pay for increased bandwidth, and penetration in to homes that might not have considered broadband Internet before that.  It’s not that Microsoft or Google couldn’t do that same model, but they don’t have the trust of Infrastructure people that Cisco does.

Hollywood studios have a pretty full dance card, Microsoft has the biggest install base with Zune, the most experience doing IPTV with Media Room. Google has the most pull with the large Cable ISPs, and Cisco has the best relationship with Rural, and medium sized ISP’s and Telecoms.  So it will be fun to see who gets what slice of the pie. To get high quality Internet services check out