How Much Is Rovio Making On The Free Angry Birds For Android? $5.6M Conservatively.

Angry Birds is the most successful mobile game to date. Part of that success is that it is free on Android.  So how do you make money on a free app herunterladen? Well if you are a free app on Android, with Ads powered by Google.  Now you aren’t going to get rich by the standards of the web.  CPM’s in games are pretty low unfall simulator kostenlos downloaden. 50 Cents low.  By comparison a typical web page will make $10 per 1000 page views.

Angry Birds plays full screen ads at start and once every 10 minutes of play and then displays ads in the game at a rate of about 1 per minute.  The Full Screen Ads get the 50 Cent rate, and the in game ads get a rate of about 5 cents per 1000 minutes of use herunterladen. That works out to about 10 cents per 1000 Minutes of play.

Because of the ad placement in Angry Birds, I’m going to give them a slight boost to that number based on accidental clicks herunterladen. So we’ll call it 10 cents per 1000 Minutes of use.

So let’s work out how much money it is based on those numbers. 

There are 195 levels in Angry Birds.  If you completed each level in 3 minutes and change, the game would take 600 minutes to beat.  That’s 36,000 seconds.  You made Rovio $3.60 herunterladen.

Considering it is a 99 cent game in the iTunes store, even if you only get through the first Episode, Rovio made more on the Android app than the iTunes version stronghold collection download kostenlos.Angry Birds Coming To Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii; Angry Birds 2 in the Works

Now times this by 7 Million downloads.  While a lot of people will give up early, and not get to the full $3.60 let’s say 10% are good for the full $3.60, %30 are good for one Episode ($1.20) and the other 60% are good for 15 cents download the walking lock.

That’s $5.6M.  Not too shabby for a free game, and since most of the work had to be done writing the iPhone version most of that is going to be Gravy adressbuch herunterladen outlook 2016.