Reputation Management: Should Google Be The Internet Police?

The New York Times is reporting about Clarabelle Rodriguez and an encounter she had with which would scare you off of ever shopping online again.  While the article makes a strong case for why shopping on the Internet might actually at times be less safe, and less anonymous than shopping at a brick and mortar store, the real story in the article is not factual it is Editorial.  Should Google be the Internet Police photoshop software kostenlosen?

How can bad companies rank in Google? Can’t Google tell negative links from positive links? Why do all links increase rank? Should Google de-rank sites with bad BBB scores microsoft store herunterladen?

David Segal who wrote the article did the antagonist in the story a huge favor, he linked with out a “no follow” to giving the site even more authority than it already had.  It’s not the first time the New York Times linked to DecorMyEyes either video orf mediathek downloaden. About half way down this page you will see “Versace 2049 Sunglasses” with a link to message is currently not possible.

You see what the long article fails to mention is that there is a mechanism to say bad stuff about a company and not have it help them. “no follow” but so few people use it that in most cases even bad press is good press yelo tv downloaden windows 10.

If Google were to be “smarter” about interpreting the page and determining if a link should carry positive or negative weight, politics would be a lot stranger.  Where should the top hit for Barak Obama land?  I’m sure there are far more negative articles than positive articles about him on the Internet, just by nature of people talking more about negative things than positive things herunterladen.

Then you get in to people like me.  I’m the deep dark secret of the Internet.  I do reputation management.  I make the bad about my clients fall to the 3rd and 4th pages of Google, replaced by shiny triumphant sales copy, and glowing reviews.  I make the bad stuff that others have said about the competition rank on the front page.  I never create new bad press about companies that compete with clients, but I find what is out there and send it to the front page. 

Politicians, online retailers, individuals with disgruntled ex’s.  They pay top dollar to have their reputation made to look squeaky clean.  It’s a dirty job, but it pays well, because it takes time, and social engineering.  Unlike making you  the top hit for Lafont, reputation management means you will be the top hit for “your Name sucks” and “your name scam” and not just the top hit, but the entire front 2 pages of Google.  20 pages of glowing reviews for all sorts of negative searches say nothing but good things about you, while your competitor faces a front page with their site and 6 bad reviews from disgruntled customers herunterladen.

I’m a mercenary, my company is named after the mercenaries. and we are good at what we do.  Do we lose sleep over it youtube online musiken? Not very often.  We don’t take all comers, if you were say the Wiki Leaks guy and wanted all the reports of your rape case to go away we wouldn’t do that.  If you on the other hand have someone who is ranting that you won’t ship to Canada, or don’t take Amex, or that you ruined their birthday by not shipping the same day on an order placed at 6pm EST when you are based in Detroit, even though it was only 3PM PST where the person ordering was.  We take care of that herunterladen.

We also bubble up all the good interviews with you, and bubble down the ones that talk about your affair with your secretary.  And the person running against you, well we bubble up that picture of them with their secretary that is on her Facebook page.  Yes, that may make me the scum of the Internet,  or it might make me the Internet equivalent of partisan news programming herunterladen.

Google is the Marshall in the wild, wild west of the Internet, and I’m a hired gun.  Sometimes we are on the same team, and sometimes I can clean up stuff Google can’t. Some stuff we are both better not getting involved in.