Why SEO Is A Better Investment than Social Media

As a blogger you probably don’t have the luxury of waiting months or years to build your brand to start making money.  As such, your time is very valuable and you need to spend it where it will do the most good. 

The problem with social media is every one thinks they are an expert at it (the same can be said of SEO) but the truth is if you are a blogger, you probably weren’t the most popular kid at school, you think every thing you say is important, and you have high expectations for your content microsoft office powerpoint 2010 gratis downloaden.

The truth is, most of us are boring, Me included, and so differentiating our blog from the 5000 other blogs talking about the same product, the same political topic, is a challenge that social media can’t solve.  Social Media can help with SEO, certainly I have leveraged my relationships with other bloggers to build links and get traffic, but the truth is that 1 visitor from Google monetize for as much as 100 users from twitter alte pages version herunterladen.

The Power of Keywords

Disregard 90% of what I just said if you are a life blogger.  If you write about the things going on in your life SEO won’t help.  No one is searching for “My Niece’s First Words”.  You will have to rely on social media and audience building.  If on the other hand you write about products, topics, and “stuff” your most powerful ally is Google. 

Pick words and phrases that Google suggests in search.  If you want to write about iPod 4, you should go out to Google and type iPod 4 in to the search box and see what phrases it suggests.  By working on longer and longer phrases you can capture phrases you have more chance to rank for.  You can’t be the top hit for iPod 4, but you can probably be the top hit for iPod 4 vs iPod 3gS presentations to download.

The Power of Site Authority

An article on ProBlogger.net says Google associates having a keywords in the URL with being authoritative on that keyword.  This is true, but Google also looks as the average keyword density of your site for a set of keywords to determine your site authority on the subject.  If your URL is XYHD.tv for instance there is not a lot of search for XY, but I get traffic.  You think anyone is searching for Wikipedia herunterladen? No. Yes there is a bonus for having the keyword in your domain, but there is also a bonus for having the keyword in your title, and having written about the topic more than once so that you have some authority on the subject herunterladen.

Social Media Is Time Consuming

You think SEO takes time? It’s nothing compared to spending hours on twitter.  You can do the basics of SEO once in a weekend and get far more benefit than you would doing months of tweeting.  Go out to Comgrade.com find out how many HTML errors you have, and how fast your pages load, then use the W3C validator to fix those.  Use the Instameme.com CSS Optimizer to get your site running faster.  Contact a BlackWaterOps.com if you want to pay a pro, but there is a lot you can do on your own musikprogramm gratis herunterladen.

Writing for Humans vs. Writing for Machine

The best way to write for SEO is to write for humans, but have a plan.  You can’t rank for a phrase that isn’t included in your text.  People forget this, but anyone who has taken a writing class knows that to drive a point home you need to reiterate your point more than once, and you need to say things more than one way.  The bots like this too.  If you want to rank for “fluffy bunnies” you need to say “fluffy bunnies” 3 times in your text, and you should also say “Hairy Rabbits” or other synonyms once in the text herunterladen.

Traffic as a Means vs. Traffic as an End

There are people who write for themselves, like keeping a diary.  Those people don’t get out enough.  Most of us want to make money, or get our message out, or promote a brand.  That requires traffic, and the way to get traffic long term is from search.  Social media can drive 1000s of hits in the first few hours of a post, but it doesn’t create lasting traffic.  I have posts from 5 years ago that still make me $3 every day.  Having articles that make you money for years is how you build wealth, reputation and the ability to take a vacation and not go broke in your absence .net 4.8 herunterladen.

Google Proofing

It’s true that Google changes its algorithm about every 9 months, but most sites that aren’t doing “stupid stuff” don’t see these changes.  There are exceptions “Instant” changed the game some but most sites didn’t even see that change, because while some of their content went down in rankings others went up.  (if you do what I said above and included suggested phrases you will see less swing)

Choose SEO for Greater ROI

You can do all the Social Media you want, but if you have a site that takes 15 seconds to load, and a writing style that doesn’t work for bots at all, you aren’t going to get traffic.  Unless you are doing direct ad sales, you are probably using Adsense for Monetization, and everything that is good for SEO is good for Adsense monetization.  So doing SEO can increase your earnings per visitor 20-100% in a week.  You can’t get that kind of ROI on Twitter herunterladen.