www.twittermoms.com What The FTC Warned Us About; And Google; And Maybe Your Mother

Despite it’s tag line, TwitterMoms.com is less where smart mom’s connect, and more where Mom’s are exploited for their link juice.  I’m not a mom, or a father, but I have a mom, and like most of us joke, she’s not the most tech savvy of people.  That makes what TwitterMoms.com does to MommyBloggers even worse avira antivirus kostenlos downloaden windows 10.

TwitterMoms.com offers gift cards to people who complete 400 word writing assignments, and install a widget.  These assignments are thinly veiled SEO Link building assignments, that rather than being outsourced to India are outsourced to mom’s herunterladen.

The Widget is an ad box that TwitterMoms.com gets paid per 1000 impressions for, but only shares the revenue in the form of these gift cards.

If this isn’t illegal it should be.  The posts aren’t required to be flagged as ads by the posters, and this violates the FTC’s guidelines about sponsored posts as advertisements.  The Tweets that most of these moms then do about those posts are also not flagged as sponsored tweets.  All of this creates legal issues for those participating in the “contests” that Megan Calhoun claims aren’t contests in order to skirt the state and national rules about holding a contest download old ebay version.

@Crissy has a great rant on the topic, but if you want the FTC’s stance on the matter check this, The FTC Guides advise that an advertisement employing a consumer endorsement on a central or key attribute of a product will be interpreted as representing that the endorser’s experience is representative of what consumers will generally achieve driver hp deskjet f4180 for free.

Pretty straight forward that what Megan Calhoun is doing is violating the rules of the FTC, and causing others to unknowingly do so.

That’s all before we get into what could happen to your blog, because let’s face it paying an FTC fine is a pain, but being delisted could be for eternity app herunterladen bei samsung.

My favorite quote from @MattCutts is about paid links:

As the head of Google’s webspam team, I would just like to point out that paid links that pass PageRank are absolutely a violation of Google’s quality guidelines, and we do take action on those violations autodesk print studio herunterladen. You can read more about our official policy on paid links here: –Matt Cutts

So those who “lose” each contest might not be guilty of paid links, but certainly those who win are.  Getting de-listed is a pain in the tuchus, I know getting people re-listed is a major source of revenue for me.  I should probably be encouraging people to do more things to get delisted, but taking money from mommy bloggers isn’t on my list of things that generate good karma sony app herunterladen.