When Google Met Holly: Hollywood’s Not As dumb as Peter Kafka Seems To Think

In Hollywood’s Big Hope: Google Shows Up With Suitcase Full of Money symantec endpoint protection herunterladen. It Could Happen! by Pete Kafka, he lays out a plan where Google comes to Hollywood and buys he rights to a bunch of old films outright.  Let me tell you, THAT version is not in any of the studios play book kostenlose bus simulator herunterladen.

Hollywood is aware that the way we consume movies is changing, but it is looking forward to a disc less movie system.  There is a reason IPTV companies fail on a regular basis.  Hollywood is a little too aggressive with pushing this agenda and what it will mean to its bottom line worms kostenlosen.

Currently when you Rent a shiny disc from NetFlix or BlockBuster the studio gets nothing after the initial purchase by the rental company.  With millions of subscribers using this model the studios are losing 100’s of millions each, easily Billions as an industry.  But with Digital Delivery the studios can get a cut on every rental.  While NetFlix has an unlimited model, it doesn’t have that indefinitely, and studio heads I have met with know this, and are planning its demise herunterladen.

Consider it a monopolistic coup if you will, but there will be a day in the not so distant future when DVD is dead, and BluRay isn’t too far behind it, where we will get all of our entertainment from the cloud.   Now I was at Akimbo back when we were saying that would happen 5 years ago, and that was too optimistic, but as 4G Internet, and 4+ Megabit broadband passes 90% penetration in the US people will shift from Shiny disc libraries to having access to everything ever made being on demand herunterladen.

In this coming model there will be no unlimited buffets, and this is how studio heads sleep at night.  Secure in the knowledge that it knows the secret Google can’t seem to wrap it’s head around, “Content is king”.  Google has always built it’s model on “the joy is in the finding” and it has done well on that model for the last decade, but for over a century the guys who make content, have made the rules, and that isn’t going to change netflix serien herunterladen ohne app.

Hollywood’s happy ending is more like “When Harry Met Sally,” but it is Hollywood that has read the script, and Silicon Valley is ad libbing as it goes along.  It will be a long trip, and there will be lots of romance and hardship along they way, but when they converge, it will be Hollywood that wear’s the pants in the family ebook op pocketbook.

When Google finally does come to town, check book in hand what does it think it will bring as a business model?  Google doesn’t do Consumer products well, it doesn’t know how to put the “polish” on a product the way you need to when marketing a story, or a film flop.  Google doesn’t have any successful subscription or pay per transaction businesses, for consumers.  Google knows one thing, advertising, and that’s it, so unless we are watching all of our content ala Hulu, with ads as an interuption, Google is not going to be a big Hollywood partner paintball kostenlos downloaden.

Everything Google does screams that it would fail in the content business.  Look at the Android Market Place as a prime example. It’s ugly, hard to find anything, the meta data isn’t consistent, pricing isn’t even all in the same currency, there is no quality control, and big producers get no more featuring than nobody producers download dvd brenner kostenlos.

When you do a deal with Disney, there are rules that Disney lays out about what their content can be listed next to.  You can never list a G Rated Disney title on the same page as an R Rated title unless the sorting is release date, or sales.  That’s a complex rule to implement, and one of 10 thousand examples that come up in the course of doing business in Hollywood jumpin jack spiel kostenlosen.

It’s not that Hollywood doesn’t want to do business with Google, but they would rather bet on anyone else.  Microsoft, Apple, Roku, Samsung, LG, Comcast, ATT, anyone ranks higher on the list than Google.  Google only brings cash, and while in Silicon Valley cash is king, in Hollywood people drive Ferarri’s and live in them because perception is everything, and people will live in their car for a few years rather than take money on the wrong term sheet.