Most Popular Toy For Christmas: A 50 Year History 1960-1990

Every year there is a must have Christmas Toy, and it is often hard to pick what that toy will be, take the last 50 years, toys have varied wildly in price, type, and cuteness, while now a days is easy with sites online like that sell toys as skates or even scooters for everyone to play.  Some years the big thing is gender neutral, and some years the top Christmas toy is for boys or girls only.  Even the age range of the top toy for Christmas changes a lot from year to year fortnite save the world for free.

Picking the “must have” Christmas toy, is not just a function of what sold the most, but what was on the most wish lists, and had demand that was greater than supply herunterladen.

Year Toy Pic
1960 Barbie Barbie 1960
1961 Etch-a-Sketch etch a sketch 1961
1962 Dam Dolls Troll Doll Troll Doll
1963 Easy Bake Oven Easy Bake Oven
1964 G.I.Joe G I Joe
1965 Operation Operation
1966 Johny Speed Battery Powered Remote Control Car Johny Speed Remote Control Car
1967 Battleship BattleShip
1968 Lite Brite image
1969 Matchbox Cars image
1970 Nerf Ball image
1971 Weebles image
1972 Cadillac Wheels SkateBoard Wheels
1973 Evel Knievel Super Stunt Cycle image
1974 Dungeons And Dragons image
1975 Pong image
1976 Slime image
1977 Star Wars Action Figures image
1978 Fisher Price My Baby Beth image
1979 Strawberry Shortcake Doll image
1980 Rubik’s Cube image
1981 Lego Trains image
1982 My Little Pony image
1983 Care Bears image
1984 Transformers image
1985 U.S.S kindle pc herunterladen. Flagg From G.I.Joe image
1986 Pound Puppies image
1987 Jenga image
1988 Pictionary image
1989 Super Mario Bros 3 For Super Nintendo image
1990 Super Soaker image