NVidia GTX 580 vs. NVidia GTX 480 Benchmarks And Review

The nVidia GTX 580 is out and if you can afford it, it definitely has legs.  In some of the titles we tested, it was up to twice as fast as the previous GTX 480.  While both cards are based on the Fermi Chipste, but the nVidia GTX 580 improves on the 480 in several ways.  The first and biggest version is the addition of a full-clock FP16 Texture Filtering Engine that combined with a Z-cull that is more efficient offers a performance boost of about 10% all on their own.  The GTX 580 has a higher clock speed, more cores and runs cooler, all very good things if you are trying to build the fastest PC you can windows 7 with oem key.

But how much faster you ask?  Kind of depends what you are playing.

Game GTX 480 FPS GTX 580 FPS % Increase
H.A.W.X.2 96 110 14
Just Cause 2 56 65 16
UniEngine Heaven 32 35 9


Personally, the price differential doesn’t warrant the speed increase fortnite ps3 for free. Yes right now there is a bau simulator 2015 download kostenlos. NVidia GTX 480 Benchmarks And Review" border="0" alt="NVidia GTX 580 vs. NVidia GTX 480 Benchmarks And Review" align="right" src="http://www.xyhd.tv/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/image8.png" width="244" height="163" />10% price differential, The GTX 580 is about $520 and the GTX 480 is $469

Where the price might make sense is if you are an overclocker herunterladen. The nVidia GTX 580 is a lot cooler temp wise.  10 degrees Centigrade under load.  That can make a big difference if you are going to overclock your CPU, or your GPU, or both pferde pc spiele kostenlos downloaden.

Overclocking the front side bus on the i7 we tested with by 5% moved the number on all of our tests buy 3%, while that is not a huge increase, pushing a game from 56 FPS to 60 FPS is the difference between seeing tearing on a 60hz monitor or TV and not.  When we pushed the CPU up by 7% and the GPU up by 15% we were able to push UniEngine Heaven from 35 FPS to 50.  I’m guessing that there were more than one bottle neck, and that the small increases in each of the places we upped the clock gave us more of a boost than any one tweak would have instagram apk.

We also noticed that there was less penalty running with the nVision glasses on the GTX 580 than there was on the GTX 480.  Likely this was because of the Z-Cull enhancements, but Just Cause 2 in stereoscopic mode ran at 40 FPS on the 480, and 60 FPS on the GTX 580 apps lassen sich nicht herunterladen iphone.