1 Week In an Extended Stay America and I’m not Crazy… Yet

So I have now been in the Extended Stay America Deluxe Suites with Nala and Diz.  It has been good for the most part, we are still working a few things out usenext movies legally. Nala likes the place, she gets to bounce between comfy spots and is never far from us, we on the other hand have been struggling with where to keep her litter box, food, and water.  Diz was in LA for a few days so she hasn’t been here the whole time private instagram images.

We gave up on breakfast.  The Toast is ok, but everything else is pretty rough.  The Gym is nice, and I have used the pool some.  My 3D Samsung is set up in place of the 20-ish inch TV that came with the room.  We get like 35 channels and ShoTime.  The Internet is slow download autumn flower pictures for free. I got the Xbox connected to it, but its rough.  Even with the upgrade to “3 Meg” Internet, which is usually fast enough for 320p youtube, but won’t do the 1.6Mbps Hulu herunterladen.

The staff has been great, they are always friendly.  The hotel loaned Diz a Rice Cooker which made her day, though there is no oven in this hotel which is different from the Extended Stays I have been to in the past.  If I use the in room toaster it sets off the smoke alarm even if I open both windows and use the exhaust fan herunterladen.

We have been sleeping on my modal sheets not the stock cotton sheets that are not bad, but aren’t as nice as the ones at “Le Parc”.

So what’s my verdict Age of empire 2 free full version? I’m paying more for the room in San Jose, than I would for a room at Le Parc in West Hollywood, and it isn’t as nice.  In San Jose however I can’t find a better deal.  So I’m reasonably happy with the Extended Stay kostenlosen animierte smilies kostenlos.

I could be more happy if the Internet sucked less.  It’s nice that the Internet is $5 for as long as you stay, but that Internet isn’t even really suitable for email gratis spiele downloaden ohne anmeldung. Paying $30 a month for the faster connection did make it better, but at that price I expect that the Internet would perform at the speed it is advertised video facebook herunterladen iphone. That might be the fault of “OneView” or “GuestTek” who provide the Internet, but in Silicon Valley you kind of expect the Internet in a hotel to be good.  When I stayed at the Holiday Inn near by the Internet was 40mbps, and when I moved to another part of the hotel I got a different outside IP, implying that they had different Internet connections for different Access Points.  I’d also mention that the Internet filters SMTP traffic, so I had to make changes to my email to be able to send email, which was fine for me, but would have been beyond what most guests could have managed herunterladen.

I’d also be happier if I got an oven with the room, but since the toaster will set off the alarm I expect that wouldn’t work.