Computer Engineer Barbie Doesn’t Look Like Any Of The Girl Engineers I know

There are plenty of Hot Computer Engineers, but none of them look like Computer Engineer Barbie.  Spandex Leggings in the office? Tiny Little Netbook download – jetzt herunterladen barrierefrei pdf 211 kb? iPhone? Ok, so that last one maybe.

Microsoft apparently handed out this sluttied up version of the rare and elusive Geek-Girl at a recent Girl Scout event, called DigiGirlz diversity program, which was attended by roughly 200 Scouts, community leaders, Microsofties.  At the Silicon Valley event Female Microsoft employees talked with girls about their experiences in tech Download the card game collection for free.

Only 10% of Engineers in the US are women, despite colleges being about 50/50 male to female.  Microsoft hopes that outreach like the DigiGirlz event will improve those numbers der kleine hausdoktor kostenlos herunterladen.

I on the other hand thing that dolls like the Barbie Computer Engineer Doll make the problem worse not better.  Pink Framed Glasses, and a Shirt with a browser folder on it?  More of the Computer Engineer Girls I know are dressed in normalish clothing, a little on the prudish side, a function of them not wanting to be a sex object and distraction in a male dominated field.  If Mattel had wanted to promote women in engineering, they should have done a CTO Barbie with a sharply dressed manger or executive look, a hand set with a QWERTY Keyboard, and a Laptop with a Gant Chart rather than a flash game on the screen herunterladen.Computer Engineer Barbie Doesn’t Look Like Any Of The Girl Engineers I know

Mattel had done a “Mad Med” collection with a Joan Doll, that if you swapped for the Barbie head, and gave her a Smart Phone, and a Laptop would have made a Great CTO, or Program Manager Barbie, updated to look like real role models for the 21st century herunterladen.