I’ve always thought that since sex sells, the best slogans are ones that would work as an ad for condoms.  Generally the best slogans don’t really say anything about the product, they are an embodiment of how you want the world to react to your product.  You are selling a feeling not a product, and if that feeling has some sexual under tones that the consumer only knows about subconsciously, all the better.  So here is my list of Slogans As Condom Ads f-secure internet security kostenlos downloaden.

Some Of the Best, not really in any order…


  1. Amazon.com: "…and You’re Done"
  2. Airbus: "Setting the Standards"
  3. IBM: "We Make IT Happen"
  4. Rohde & Schwarz: "Pushing Limits"
  5. XMA Corporation: "When Performance Matters"
  6. Dell Computer: "Get More out of Now"
  7. General Dynamics: "Strength On Your Side"
  8. Intel: "Intel Inside"
  9. Keithley: "A Greater Measure of Confidence"
  10. RCAT Systems: "You push the limits clipinc fx kostenlosen. We measure it."
  11. Adelphia: "Get. Watch. Do What You Want."
  12. American Express: "Do More"
  13. AMC Theatres: "Experience the Difference"
  14. FedEx: "Relax, It’s FedEx"
  15. Global Jet Airlines: "Light is Faster, but We are Safer"
  16. JVC: "The Perfect Experience"
  17. Kohl’s: "Expect Great Things"
  18. McDonald’s: "I’m Lovin’ It"
  19. Nike: "Just Do It"
  20. Sherwin-Williams: "Cover the Earth"
  21. Toyota: "Oh What a Feeling"
  22. VeriSign: "Where It All Comes Together"
  23. Vodafone: "Make the Most of Now"
  24. Wendy’s : "Do What Tastes Right"
  25. United Parcel Service: "What Can Brown Do for You?"
  26. Principal Financial Group: "We’ll Give You an Edge"
  27. Pentax: "For Your Precious Moments"
  28. J.C free mobile downloads. Penney: "It’s all Inside"
  29. Capital One: "What’s in your wallet?"
  30. Burger King: "Have It Your Way"