Sarah Palin Says “We Gotta Stand With Our North Korean Allies” And Maybe She Is Right

South Korea has a lot of great exports, LG Phones and TVs, Soap Opera’s like Chuno, beautiful women (like you’d see in LG Commercial), but maybe Sarah Palin is right, that we “We Gotta Stand With Our North Korean Allies.”  I’m not saying North Korea is in the right, or that we’d want to back Kim Jong II, but a war with China scares me schriften frei herunterladen.

I think standing with our North Korean allies could be the right choice.  Rather than attacking North Korea the US would likely be a lot smarter to stand with China and have them put pressure on North Korea not to pick fights monopoly vollversion kostenlos downloaden deutsch pc.

The world is shaping up to be more like post World War II every day, only with out the memory of recent global war, we are more likely to enter a “Great War.”   China is the new Russia, but it is a rich growing economy, instead of the starving masses.  When we were in the cold war with Russia the fight was really American technology against Russia’s willingness to disregard life, and rules of engagement.  If we go to war with China that puts people in Labor camp for 140 character Twitter post, we will be entering a war with a well funded country with superior technological know how, and manufacturing capacity.  That is a war the US can’t win. 

Unlike other US wars the next global war will come to American Soil.  This is the scariest part for me, not even from a threat to my safety factor, but from the fact that after World War II the US helped rebuild Europe, we had the economy to allow us to do that, but there is no one to bail us out at the moment.  If we went to war with China and North Korea, we could end up in a place where communism would be what was needed to keep people from starving in the streets of the US bei maxdome downloaden.

Do I think Sarah Palin knew all of this when she mis-spoke? No. But sometimes the greatest truths come “from the mouths of babes” as the saying goes, and Sarah hits that on several levels windows 10 gratis downloaden 2017.