Speeding Up WordPress: Ajax + WordPress = Awesome, But Don’t Use Plugins

AJax and WordPress can be a great, it can reduce server load, speed up the perceived load time of pages, and make your site more cache friendly. Problogger has a guest post by Jeff Starr, and while the headline is good, the content is wrong.  Jeff says to use Plugins, but Plugins slow WordPress down, and add security risks herunterladen der creative cloud desktop-applikation.

Instead use Ajax in a smart way; Leveraging other people’s bandwidth and server resources; and modifying templates not running plugins.

The biggest slow down for WordPress pages is comments.  Replacing comments with Disqus lets you reduce your server load a lot.  While Disqus has a wordpress plugin if you instead use the universal Disqus code, you won’t have a plugin to mess with how to download fortnite on samsung.

As you can see from this page which uses the Disqus comment system, you can integrate Disqus to look good on your page.  As a bonus, Disqus does a lot of the moderation for you, and prevents spam links from appearing on your page which can cause you to get delisted from Google, or be used to steal your site authority.  I have to admit there have been days when Disqus has been overloaded and my comments wouldn’t render on the page for 45 seconds, but if I wrote anything worth reading it probably took more than 45 seconds to get to the point you’d want to comment schriftart herunterladen adobe.

There are other parts of the page you might want to AJAX, like search.  Google Custom Search offers an AJAX version of it’s search pages, and that works well for onsite search v&g planen.Speed Up WordPress  With Ajax and Google AppEngine

Ajaxing Logins and New User Signups doesn’t buy you any speed increases, and generally will just cause problems so don’t do it.  Stick to comments, and search to get the most bang for your buck op chromebook.

If you really want to speed up WordPress check out the CSS optimizer at Instameme.com or the WordPress Accelerator for GAE at BlackWaterOPs.com