Waiting For Google To Chew My Food for Me As Well: The Beginning of the End

Google Imagine search and Page Preview mode are signs of the inevitable death by feature creep.

When you have a huge organization of Project and Product Managers they have to justify their existence by coming up with things to “improve” but at some point products stop being better, because every thing sane has been added to the product krimidinner zum herunterladen.

Google keeps telling me everywhere I look that my pages need to be faster, so why is Google making all of its tools slower?  Google Image search used to be a page of thumbnails that boggled the mind how fast it loaded, now even on a 60 Mbps connection it takes forever to load, and if you get over 20 pages it often just dies herunterladen.

Google Instant is a bandwidth hog that slows corporate and educational networks to a crawl when 100 people all decide to search for a keyword or answer to a question, and I have never been typing along and thought, “oh wow that is the result I wanted I should stop typing” free virus protection.

Now there is the Page Preview mode which shows me what the page would look like if I clicked on the link, but I can click on the “open in new window” and read the page faster than I can decide if the small image with unreadable text made is a better result than the one above or below herunterladen.

If you are surfing with just a keyboard and not using a mouse there is some advantage in that you can now more easily tell which result you have selected, but I rarely am surfing the web with both hands on the keyboard kostenlose grafiken downloaden. Since I have to click so many other things it just isn’t how I surf.Waiting For Google To Chew My Food for Me As Well: The Beginning of the End

I realize Google Is Just trying to keep up with Bing, but that almost makes me think that this is Microsoft’s ingenious way to mess with Google.  There is likely a guy at Microsoft who sits around all day saying “I bet we can trick Google in to adding a feature to display results in degrees from Kevin Bacon’s homepage” and then builds that feature in to Bing, does a press release and waits for Google to race to build the same feature, then because no one will notice, he turns it off in Bing single songs spotify.