www.nook.com/setup Get your Nook Setup And Ready To Use

Looking to get your new Nook eBook Reader set up?  Don’t rush to quickly the first step is to charge your device, so that it doesn’t run out of power while you are setting it up.  But to get your Nook setup and ready to go…

1 how to download youtube videos as mp3. Charge your nook

You must fully charge your nook before using it the ?rst time. www.nook.com/setup Get your Nook Setup And Ready To Use
a) Press the power button on the top of your nook to turn it on ams app herunterladen.
b) Plug your nook into a wall outlet.

You can use your nook while it charges. The yellow, charging indicator light illuminates
while charging herunterladen. When the light turns o , your nook is fully charged. Typical charging time is approximately 3½ hours by AC.

You can also charge your nook by connecting it to a USB port on your computer adobe scanen.

2. Register your nook

You need to register your nook to a Barnes & Noble online account to buy and enjoy eBooks and periodicals. If you have an account, enter the e-mail address and password used to access your Barnes & Noble online account schnell musiken.

If you don’t have a bn.com account, go to www.nook.com/setup to create an account on-line. Please have a credit card ready to complete this process serien zum herunterladen. Once created, you will still need to register your nook to this account. Press settings and then select device on your nook’s Color Touchscreen to register herunterladen.

3. Check the daily

Make the daily your ?rst read on your nook each day. We’ll be adding many great Barnes & Noble exclusives in the weeks and months ahead kostenlose filme downloaden für android.

Get the news and latest articles from your subscriptions.

See invitations from friends to read eBooks they’ve lent to you.

4. Visit the B&N eBookstore

After your nook is registered, press the Home button and then select shop on the Color Touchscreen to explore the world of eBooks mediathek herunterladen linux.

You can browse, sample for free and then buy eBooks.

Get today’s paper or subscribe to newspapers and magazines.

To purchase an eBook on your nook, ?nd the title, press “Buy,” and follow the on-screen prompts herunterladen. The item will be charged to your account’s credit card and automatically download to your nook.

5. Read an eBook

When you buy an eBook, it immediately downloads to your nook. Just press read on the Color Touchscreen to open it.

Swipe the Color Touchscreen to turn pages —just like ?ipping pages in an actual book. If you prefer, use the previous/next page turn buttons on the side of your nook.

From the Home screen, touch my library to see your eBooks, newspapers and magazines already saved on your nook.