Alien Origin of Life On Earth: An Argument for Extraterrestrial Evolution

There is a reason we call it “the cold vacuum of space”. The temperature of the Universe is a chilly 2.725 K. But it wasn’t always this way. About 2 minutes after the big bang the Universe was a toasty 10 to the 9th K gta v pc kostenlos download. About a half million years later it was 3000k.


When searching for Alien life we look for planets in the range where water is a liquid (0C-100C) eingebettete videos downloaden ipad. There were about 650 million years when the entire universe was this temperature and any chunk of rock with a bit of water could have evolved life.

It wouldn’t have had to have been circling a star, or doing anything interesting idevice manager übertragen oder herunterladen. The “dark side” of planets would have been this temp.

That’s a lot of time to have the potential to create life. Could this been the origin of life on Earth deckblatt muster zum downloaden? I think so. I mean there was a lot more time for the creation of DNA during this time then there was on Earth.