What is Hanukkah?

It’s holiday season and you may be asking: what is Hanukkah app aus microsoft store herunterladen?
Hanukkah or Chanukah; either spelling is correct, (it’s spelled with two “k”‘s, opposed to Hanukah) It’s is a Hebrew celebration commemorating their dedication of the Jewish Temple as a result of their victory over the Syrians in 165 BC you can music from youtube.  This was the second dedication as it was the second Temple to be built.  The first was destroyed in 586 BC, by the Babylonians. Hanukkah is also called “The Festival of Lights” sims 3 houses for free.   It’s named so, and is centered around light because the Hebrew heroes of that time, prepared to dedicate the Temple and found that there was no undefiled oil to light the lamps with symantec endpoint protection herunterladen.  After finding a small vile of oil, they light the lamps.  The amount of oil they had was only enough to last that evening, however it lasted eight days kostenlose bus simulator herunterladen!  (Which was how long it took to obtain new oil to keep the lights burning)  This is the miracle that is celebrated.
Explanation of Hanukkah
The celebration itself requires a Menorah; a candelabra with usually nine branches to it worms kostenlosen.  Eight for the eight days to celebrate and the ninth for the candle that will be used to light the others.  Starting on the first day of hanukkah, another candle is lit, until all eight days have passed herunterladen.  The candles are to be lit for at least one hour after nightfall.  The evenings also consist of songs and prayers and blessings.  You can find some Hanukkah songs here herunterladen.
Throughout each evening, there are games to play, food to eat, and gifts are exchanged.  The most common game is dreidel (a game of luck), which s a spinning top with four sides netflix serien herunterladen ohne app.  The dreidel is spun and whoever gets the best score, wins.  The score is written in Hebrew characters consisting of, “no win”, “win all”, “win half”, and “lose all” ebook op pocketbook.  The foods usually eaten are latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (doughnuts).
If one of your Jewish friends have invited to celebrate with him and his family, the proper greeting is ususally “Happy Hanukkah!”  Keep in mind that greeting them with “Merry Christmas” will likely have you uninvited next year.
You can bring celebration cards, and don’t forget to bring small gifts for the kids as this is a more casual Hebrew celebration centered around the dedication blessings, fun games and toys for the kids.
So Happy Hanukkah this 2010!