Dear Jason, You Didn’t Screw Up Your Google Acquisition, Your Support Group Did

Jason C Roberts has a great piece of Tech called Preezo, that he thought was going to get purchased by Google, but it didn’t and he blames himself for not cashing out, retiring to an island, and living it up on that money.  Well Jason, it’s not your fault herunterladen.

The biggest mistake brilliant people make is that they assume they are smart enough to do things on their own.  I suffer this a lot, but not near as much as many of the companies I work with herunterladen.

Jason is right that Google buys companies for the talent more than the technology, and paying out Jason millions of dollars to come work for them wasn’t a likely scenario.  When Google, or any company comes shopping you have to have a team, that team can consist of some unpaid interns, an outsourced marketing guy, and 4 friends who are smart who sit on your board just so your one sheet looks impressive, but no one is going to cut you a check you can retire on as an individual Download and install psp games.

A good Angel investor should have told Jason this.  They should have made him create a board, name some random person “acting COO”, and given his wife, his dad, and 3 of his buddies titles, even if some of those titles were “Community manager”, and “Quality Assurance Tester” herunterladen.

His support group should have told him, if you need to be in New York to make this happen, here is $300 for air fare, here is the name of my second cousin twice removed, you can crash on his couch, and here is $150 for McDonald’s for the month so you can eat.  Go camp on their doorstep until this happens android outlook images.

Why should Jason have done all of this? Wouldn’t it have made him look anxious? No.  It would have prevented Jason from spending the rest of his life wondering if his demo gave the proof of concept that you could replicate his work, and cost him millions of dollars aimbot fortnite downloaden.

I am working with several clients right now that want to be acquired, they have put years of labor in to ideas, and they want to get bought, but they don’t know how to tell the story, rather than simply showing the books.  Groupon isn’t worth billions for their tech, their bottom line, or their talent.  They are worth billions for their story, their brand recognition, and their ability to convince others they can make things happen pokerstars downloaden op ipad.

Smart people often miss this, and as a result end up in scenarios where they regret not being able to find a buyer, or wondering why if they had such a great product why they couldn’t get the valuation they wanted.  It’s because smart people are rarely self promoters, and they are often islands.  In their anxiousness to make sure nothing goes wrong they often don’t create teams that drive their value, and cause companies to look at them as a company rather than as an individual herunterladen.