Dylan Winter You Suck Part 1: When You Put All Your Eggs In One Basket, Make Sure You Own The Basket

Dylan Winter is a freelance film maker. But these days he has been Free Lancing for YouTube.  If you saw the job posting that preceded this post, you know that I advocate that there is no reason to work for “the man” when a good journalist, writer, or film maker can earn far more on the web than they can working for an institution mods minecraften.

The difference between my model and Dylan’s is he put all his eggs in Youtube.  Dylan put all his content on Youtube, and that means he doesn’t have a fall back plan if Google smacks him, fairly or unfairly songs at deezer.

Dylan writes a pretty long bleeding heart tale of having Google smacking him for having artificially High CTR’s.  As someone who has very high natural CTR’s I have experienced the wrath of the Adsense Algo reaching out to claim or pause payments.  But generally it has been very fair to me.  That being the case, every so often I run Microsoft Pub Center instead www.tuicruises.com/einreisebestimmungen herunterladen. Why? Because I need to know that if the world went to pot, that I am not tied to one company’s product for my livelihood.

I could save money each month using managed hosting instead of my dedicated servers.  But then I wouldn’t have the background knowledge to move my infrastructure if my hosting company dropped me, or went out of business, or any of a dozen other scenarios.  No, if you are going to bet the farm, make sure you have more than one way out of every problem wiso mein geld herunterladen.

I’m a single guy with no kids, so I can live a riskier lifestyle than Dylan who is paying for his kids school.

Dylan admits to telling friends and family how his income is generated, and to moderating comments that encouraged people to click on ads.  But he hasn’t said that he dissuaded people from doing that.  I want to feel sorry for Winter, but the truth is he could see the writing on the wall that people were abusing the ads on his content for his advantage kostenlose antivirenprogramme zum downloaden. But he didn’t do anything to stop it. 

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