Revenge Of The Mommy Bloggers: Sorry Mom, Reviews Should Be Free

My twitter audience seems to be equal parts Mommy bloggers, Silicon Valley Folk, and Porn Stars.  The thing about the second two of those, is that they figure out how to monetize everything.  The Mommy Bloggers on the other hand have a bit too much Mommy in them much of the time, and that leads to them getting taken advantage of amazon prime purchases.

So a bunch of my following went on a rant today about Mommy Bloggers not getting paid to do product reviews.  Sorry Mommies, you shouldn’t.  Product reviews are free.  The company should send you the product, and if after the product gets a review they want to buy advertising on your site, great, but the review is free.  Trip to where the product is made with hotel and airfare herunterladen? Sure. But the review is free.

It is your job as a blogger to figure out how to monetize your blog, through advertising, or living off the free stuff you get, or through selling there services providing product feedback kalender 2019 excel herunterladen.

Several people have said, “well reviews are work” and “work deserves compensation”.  Wrong.  Getting paid to write a review by the people whose product you are reviewing ruins your journalistic integrity.  It violates some of the rules of the FTC regarding paid reviews, and it is just not the way things are done eso. For MommyBloggers, or TechBloggers, or New York Times Journalists, paid reviews = Evil.  Don’t be evil. 

Sarah at Mom Blog Magazine, has the tact of a hyena but a lot of what she said is spot on. 

If you are a Mommy blogger and want to be treated like a journalist, or like “personality” get a manager.  If you want to get paid, get paid for the things you can do, sell your advertising, at least get some dinner out of the deal aktuelle android version herunterladen. If you are going to put out, don’t be a hooker, but get wined and dined a little, you are worth it.