WikiLeaks Doesn’t Stand For Freedom Of Speech, And It’s Openness Is Reducing Transparency

WikiLeaks is Evil.  Any company founded by a rapist avoiding prosecution is likely not going to be a company for good, but WikiLeaks is actually evil because it does what I think defines Evil, it convinces you the evil it does is in the name of good herunterladen.

The problem with WikiLeaks is that it doesn’t report responsibly, it doesn’t even report, it just shares everything with no commentary or editorial.  That doesn’t make it press.  Freedom of the Press is about the ability to share ideas freely, sharing secrets freely is not an inalienable right.  With out context or explanation WikiLeaks doesn’t meet the definition of press barbershop kostenlosen.

Even if we set all of that aside, if WikiLeaks was more than a self serving company, it would think long term.  Most of the sources for WikiLeaks information comes from what are called “Cables.” Cables are like press releases inside the government, they are information that is shared between groups so that the groups can all have an understanding of the official position on things, information on the actions of other groups, and who is our friend, and who is not on a given day.  The goal is to help us to make sure we put out a consistent story when talking to groups outside the government keepass 2 deutsch kostenlos.

Prior to WikiLeaks these cables were accessible to almost every government employee.  Your mail man likely could have accessed this information videos von youtubeen. In fact most of the cables that were released came from  Private Bradley Manning, who was just a junior soldier who wanted to defame the military download the incredible 2.

Post WikiLeaks access to this information is restricted.  This means that those people with in the government who might mention to their superiors that something smelled foul, or who might leak a document to the press to prevent something the government was doing from being secret, is much less likely to happen microsoft word 2007 kostenlosen ohne anmeldung.

In effect we have traded insight in to what kinds of things the government has done, for the inability to see what they are doing going forward.  This is one case where hindsight isn’t 20/20.  I’d much rather have a foggy view of the present than a photograph of the past weihnachtsmotive zum herunterladen.

Oh, and to all you WikiLeak Hackers/Supporters… Do your worst… It is unlikely you are going to bring down my servers powered by Google… My Pipe is bigger than yours so go back to your freedom of speech forums ranting about how we should legalize kiddie porn, Pot, and the KKK word text herunterladen.