Bergmönch Downhill Bike / Backpack Bike

Folding bikes are typically great at being packed away, but a bit crappy at being good riding bikes. Not really surprising considering the bike has hinges and needs to be able to fold-up krimidinner zum herunterladen. Well, take everything you know about folding bikes and start over.

The Bergmonch, which means “The Mountain Monk” in German is a folding downhill bike herunterladen. The bike weighs only 9.5Kg, has hydraulic disc brakes, and full suspension.Missing pedals, or any propulsion system. It is made for downhill riding only; like a fancy downhill scooter free virus protection.Downhill bike

The Bergmönch is an integrated combination of rucksack and downhill device herunterladen. Climbing uphill, it can be carried on your back. Then within just two minutes it can be unfolded and ready to ride, mutated into an all-terrain scooter which can be ridden either standing or kneeling on the rucksack kostenlose grafiken downloaden.

the main frame is telescopic and the rear suspension offers 80mm of travel, with the air suspension adjustable to the rider’s weight. The folding parallelogram suspension fork is a world exclusive: and thanks to a clever mechanism the Bergmönch can be adjusted to fit an extremely wide range of rider heights single songs spotify. Braking for the Bergmönch comes courtesy of Shimano hydraulic disk brakes.
The conversion from rucksack to bike is simplicity itself. Just three steps without tools set it up as a downhilling device usenext movies legally. The rucksack is ergonomically designed and offers plenty of storage space for day-tripping (25 litres in total) and it has attachment points for walking poles and helmet private instagram images. When downhilling it acts as a cushioned kneeler.

There are currently no dealers in North America, or the UK.  So unless you live in Germany, France, or Spain it may be difficult to get this bright orange down hill bike download autumn flower pictures for free.

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