Alcoholic Whipped Cream Topping Brings An Extra Bit Of Alcohol To Deserts

While eating a test desert at a not yet opened restaurant Diz and I enjoyed a desert that left me a little tipsy, which is not typical.  A chocolate orange confection soaked in triple-sec and topped with German Chocolate “Whipahol”.  “Whipahol” is alcohol infused whipped cream topping that comes in a variety of flavors, and actually packs quite a bit of kick, considering.  It’s 36 proof or 18% alcohol, and considering a typical desert would have 8 ounces on it, it adds about the equivalent of a Beer to your desert wie kann man netflix auf dem fernseher herunterladen.Alcoholic Whipped Cream Topping Brings An Extra Bit Of Alcohol To Deserts

Normally on a desert I wouldn’t mess with the whip cream.  But this flavored whip cream, alcoholic as it may be, is also very much like a mouse.  The German Chocolate flavor was quit good, and probably would have passed for a desert in itself at a less upscale place sniper elite download vollversion kostenlos.

I know that Jello Shots have had problems being sold because of the appeal to kids.  Apparently Whipped Lightning doesn’t have that concern because their website reads “whipped cream is not just for kids anymore”.  Which would be my biggest concern in a restaurant setting.  While typically the triple-sec in a desert adds almost no alcohol to the finished product, this adds roughly the equivalent of a shot.  Which wouldn’t go over so well in a kid friendly establishment hp support assistant herunterladen.

It is possible that Whipped Lightning has encountered this kid issue, as it is listed as “not available” in Michigan, Oregon, and several other conservative states smileys iphone.

Would the desert have been as good with out the novelty factor of the alcoholic whip cream? Possibly.  I think it was the flavor infusion that was more appealing, but a bit of cocoa in regular whip topping likely would have been better since it wouldn’t have come from a can eine webseite herunterladen.

I suspect there isn’t much trick to “infusing” whip topping with alcohol, since the same propellant that powers “AquaNet” could probably be used, since most propellants are alcohol based how to app store again.

Lastly… I’m a little concerned about this statement from the Whipped Lightning FAQ

How many calories are in a serving herunterladen?

We’ve never had Whipped Lightning tested to determine how many calories are in a serving. Whipahol is not a food product and is not subject to FDA labeling requirements; it is an alcoholic beverage where you can download fonts. You should consume Whipahol in moderation, please enjoy it responsibly.

I definitely think of Whipped cream as a Food Product, not a beverage de sims 3 gratis downloaden. I mean when was the last time you came in from a hot day and said, “wow I’m parched I could really go for a spoon of whipped cream.”

I think anything that you could eat with a fork, isn’t a beverage, alcoholic or not, unless you wait for it to turn to creamy liquid goo, it’s a food, not a beverage rammstein lieder herunterladen.