Is Your College Bookstore Making You Feel Used: Rent Textbooks Online Rather Than On A College Campus

Talking with some SJSU college kids this week that are on their way back to class for the next semester and hearing them complain that some of their books wouldn’t be re-purchased because they aren’t being used the next semester, I was pretty annoyed.  I remember the same things happening when I was at MSU.  The truth is most college campus bookstores rules suck.  New textbooks are expensive, used textbooks may or may not be re-purchased when the class is over telekom festnetz rechnung herunterladen.

If only there were a Netflix for College Textbooks.  Well there is, sort of. was founded by Mehdi Maghsoodnia, and has former CEO of Netflix on its board.  The idea behind is simple, rent a book for up to 125 days for up to 75% off of the purchase price.  Unlike the on campus bookstore model you don’t take the risk that you are going to be stuck with the book at the end of the semester.  With 3 million books available for rent, it’s also a little different from the Netflix model in that you get the title you requested overnight, and the return shipping is free outlook for mac.image

While other companies are also looking to enter the textbook rentals space, including B&N, has the leg up being a Silicon Valley company with the right team to streamline the service and keep the prices low, and as a student, that’s probably the most important thing to you herunterladen.

Oh, and they have the awesome Tiki dude as their spokes mascot thingy… How cool is that?