leapfrog.com/connect LeapFrog Connect Let’s You Sync LeapFrog Toys To Your Computer

LeapFrog toys are becoming more and more like PDA’s for children, and now with LeapFrog Connect you can connect to your child’s toys to monitor their learning, move files to and from LeapFrog devices, and claim rewards your child earned during play ls 15.

LeapFrog Connect also allows you to unlock “Tag” online games.  Tag games are available when you are reading Tag Connect Books such as Kai-Lan’s Super Sleepover and Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell’s True Talent.  By scanning the blue or orange star on the page with your LeapFrog Tag Reader you will earn LeapFrog Rewards, that will then allow you to access the games online when you connect your LeapFrog Reader to your Computer tvnow videos downloaden.

Be aware that LeapFrog Connect doesn’t work well on computers with a resolution less than 1024X768, so if you have a NetBook, or older PC you may not be able to see all of the buttons on the LeapFrog Connect interface herunterladen.leapfrog.com/connect LeapFrog Connect Let’s You Sync LeapFrog Toys To Your Computer

This is especially prominent if you are using a LeapFrog Scout or LeapFrog Violet and want to customize its name destiny kostenlosen.

LeapFrog devices are generally very safe for your kids to use, but many of the LeapFrog online games while safe, require that you connect to them through a regular browser, so your child could visit other sites if left unattended codex downloaden.