Bristol Palin Going To Arizona State University

Bristol Palin just purchased a $172,000 home in a Phoenix suburb, in preparation for attending Arizona State University.  While the 20 year old daughter of Sarah Palin hasn’t made an official announcement, the purchase of a home seems like a pretty strong indicator that she will be among the student body at Arizona State University. 

Many have said Sarah Palin was the Devil, but it seems Bristol will actually be a “Sun Devil” as that is the Arizona State University mascot horror spieleen kostenlos deutsch.

ASU refused to give Barak Obama an honorary degree last year when he spoke at their commencement.  They said the President hadn’t accomplished enough to earn an honorary diploma.  This “snub” may have been a deciding factor in Bristol’s college choice vlc player kostenlos windows 8.1.

Bristol’s  mother Sarah graduated from University of Idaho in 1987, she attended four other schools before graduating.

Bristol Palin Going To Arizona State University

We’ll look to see Bristol posing with Sparky in the coming year, and perhaps dancing with the stars has prepped Bristol to be on the Cheer Squad instagram bilder herunterladen online.