Pantyless Yana Gupta: Wardrobe Malfunction Laughed Off By Dancing Star

Yana Gupta was recently photographed without underwear at an NGO event. The Pantyless Yana Gupta picture hit the Internet, and although Yana is neither shocked nor embarrassed over the incident rather Gupta laughed off the wardrobe malfunction suggesting that she will now be called the “no-panty girl” discord für windows herunterladen.

Gupta laughed off the incident saying “I used to be known as an item girl. Now I will be known as a no-panty girl; I should do an ad for some underwear brand with a tag line saying: ‘I’ve got them NOW’” vba herunterladen.

Yana Gupta explained she was not wearing underwear as she is determined to do away with panties, as it “gets stuck in her ass” when practicing dance moves for her television show “Jhalak Dikhla Ja” herunterladen. When Gupta packed her dress in the morning she planned to leave from shooting straight to the charity event from the dance floor, with no time to stop at home.  In her rush Gupta forgot to pack her panties Farming simulator 17 free full version.

Yana is a good sport. Rather than feeling ashamed, Gupta made fun of the incident calling it “the legitimately funniest day of her life” filme aus itunes downloaden. Gupta said to her fans, “I have only one thing to say. For god’s sake! Stop looking at those pictures! I don’t want anyone getting heart attack here.” Pantyless Yana Gupta: Wardrobe Malfunction Laughed Off By Dancing Star

Gupta’s wardrobe malfunction resulted in several pictures and videos hitting the web, none of them particularly revealing.  However Sushila Nirali is being sued for the ‘pantyless stunt’, which the complainers claim was done simply for publicity.  They also are suing the Paparazzi who took the pictures. 

Such suits are more common in India which makes a much larger deal about scandal than the US does.  Scandal Novines or “Scandal Magazines” report such scandals as “risque” condemning the actors and actresses they report on as moralities, but in truth those who read them do so much more like a “National Enquirer” or TMZ.  These Indian gossip rags often feature the pictures of teen actresses, and actors, with no dress, or engaged in sexual acts, and then telling the story of how they misbehaved, and demanding that readers boycott their TV, Movies, or Music.  A thinly veiled way to present their stories as public service rather than gossip, and avoiding the censorship of their images of scantily clad girls engaged in scandalous acts, these magazines often also contain images of professionals, college students and other non-celebrities spotify fehler beim herunterladen.

Gupta who is most famous for her appearances in Indian Movies and TV, but Yana Gupta is actually from Czechoslovakia. She appeared in US ads for PETA jump run spiele kostenlos downloaden. Yaana recently signed up with a leading mobile and PC games company Indiagames as brand ambassador and will be featured in several interesting games and applications related to fitness herunterladen. Although she is now divorced, Gupta does plan to remain in India, where she will be launching her very own album in English. After the completion of this project, Yana may consider entering Bollywood movies deezer herunterladen kostenlos.