Copyright Troll RightHaven Wants To Steal Your Domain

Apparently inspired by Homeland Security, RightHaven, a copyright enforcement firm that trolls for copyright violations of content from the Las Vegas Review-Journal or the Denver Post, is suing for ownership of the Download angry birds for free.

Matt Drudge finds interesting articles puts a small amount of colorful spin on them, and then links to them.  In most cases you should be so lucky as to have the Drudge Report link to you because it drives an insane amount of traffic to your site.  A smart company would send Matt their pictures in exchange for him linking to them kostenlos schnell legal musik downloaden.

Righthaven however wants $150k for the use of the image titled “Transportation Security Administration agents perform enhanced pat-downs” that appeared on the Denver Post.  The images on the Drudge Report typically fall under fair use.  They are thumbnails.  If Righthaven wants to sue over the use of the image, they might start with Google games without play store. Which as you can see from the image in this post uses the same image in their page preview.

Copyright Troll RightHaven Wants To Steal Your Domain

Or in this larger than what the Drudge Report would have posted thumbnail in Google Image Search alle pdfs einer seite herunterladen.

Google's pic of Denver Post Pic, Righthaven v Drudge Report

I either case fair use for thumbnails is well established when the image is used for referencing the content.  Drudge Report meets this qualification by linking to the article where the image came from automatically files via ftp.

In no circumstance other than where Homeland Security has seized domains, has anyone ever been awarded rights to a domain for copyright reasons, except where the name was a trademark violation.  That does not appear to be the case unless RightHaven has retroactively trademarked “Drudge” when they were getting the copyright for the TSA photo herunterladen.