What Good Is Airport Security If I can Bypass It?

So I just went from drop off to gate in 5 minutes in San Jose.  Something you can’t do at SFO just 35 minutes north.  This being the case what good is all that security at SFO?  If I can get on a plane bound for LAX from SJC and not have to get groped or backs scattered, what is the point of all this TSA security transport fever 2 modsen?

I’m not in favor of the new security, I don’t think it does any good.  If it does we should be doing more to publicize when we catch people with prohibited objects getting caught, but so far it has been dope and alcohol, not terrorist that TSA has caught picasa.nl.

I get why now.  If you want to get a prohibited material on a flight from Detroit, you get on a plane in Toledo that has less security and only ads 45 minutes to your trip app for videos from facebook.

This is just stupid.  It’s like wearing a condom half the time.  It might even be as bad as wearing a condom you know has a hole in it.  Sure San Jose is in the heart of Silicon Valley, and we have fewer people that know much about high explosives compared to Michigan where plenty of us played with M80s and have access to fertilizer by the ton.   But that doesn’t explain Toledo.  If the only thing coming between terrorists and the flight of their choice is a quick drive to the next airport, then the Billions it costs us for the delays at the air port is just letting the terrorists win gopro app bilder herunterladen.

Added security ads 30 minutes to every travelers time, and at minimum wage, at $8 in California, and assuming that the ratio of unemployed fliers to executive fliers makes that a fair price for comparison… Each day 2 million people fly how to download libreoffice. $4 per person in lost time is $8M a day,  Just shy of $3 Billion a year in lost time. That’s before the added price to the tickets to pay for the security, and it doesn’t count the amount of money lost to the reduction in tourism because of the inconvenience of flight youtube videos als mp3 herunterladen.