Duke Nukem Forever Release Date Set At May 3rd, 2011, Reveal Trailer Available Now

You have waited 12 years, and it has felt like Forever, but Duke Nukem is only a few months away, and it is bigger, badder, and raunchier than ever before outlook windows 10 download for free.

Packed with dirty puns, strippers, bare chested aliens, school girls in short skirts, and earning an Mature rating for Blood, Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Mature Humor, Nudity, Strong Sexual Content, and the use of drugs and alcohol, their isn’t anything left out of this first person shooter, driving game, dating simulator icloud alle bilder herunterladen mac.

Clearly after 14 years this better be an amazing game, but I expect it will crush every other game ever made in first day sales, if only because so many of us think it is a Unicorn, and have to own it, and possibly on more than one platform since, we will want it on console for game play, and PC for the Mods herunterladen.

GearBox says Duke Nukem Forever will be doing a simultaneous release on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, it will not be available for Wii.  I could not find a place to do pre-orders with a guaranteed release date as I wrote this post icons download for free.